Lori Loughlin's Kid Olivia Jade Didn't "Really Care About School" Before The College Admissions Scandal

Date March 15, 2019

Lori Loughlin's family is in shock as she faces charges for the national-wide college admissions cheating scam. The Full House star was accused of bribery as she reportedly paid $500,000 to the University of Southern California for her daughter, Olivia Jade. 


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The bail was set at $1 million, reports say. Alongside Felicity Huffman, Loughlin will have to appear in the court at the end of the month for further steps and investigation. 

Her daughter wanted to be a typical social media influencer 

Yes, that's a shocker! While the Full House star paid such an enormous amount of money for her, Olivia Jade wanted to be a YouTube blogger. 

Back in August 2018, Loughlin's 19-year-old daughter got herself in hot water after making some comments regarding her 'true colors' on college. In the YouTube video, Olivia shamelessly stated:

I do want the experience of like game days, partying… I don’t really care about school, as you guys all know.


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Social media users voiced their outrage toward such a silly statement. One person commented:

Wow, I wish I could go to school just for the experience and not care about my education to earn a living and waste your parents' money????? Can not relate


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Even though many of Olivia Jade's fans loved her, some of them called her 'spoiled' and 'a privileged brat'. In the heat of the college admissions scandal, the news and authorities use the "I really don't care about school" comment against Loughlin's family.

Reactions of people

Lori Loughlin's been already fired from the Hallmark channel, while Olivia Jade's partnership with Sephora was officially put down.

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