Meghan Markle's Pregnancy Is "Fraud": Online Trolls Accuse Duchess Of Faking Her "Over-Cradling" Pregnancy

Date April 9, 2019

Did you know that Meghan Markle was actually faking her pregnancy? No? That's right, 'cause that's just nonsense. 

However, a few months ago, hateful people speculated Duchess Meghan wasn't pregnant whatsoever and was hiding surrogacy. It was due to her "over-cradling" baby bump, which made many people irritated and outraged. 


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The Duchess of Sussex is heavily pregnant and her due date is vigorously approaching. She's going to give birth in late April or early May.


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BUT. "Sick" online trolls went on proving and accusing the royal family of allowing Megan Markle to fool people with her fake pregnancy. 

At the extremes, one YouTube account (which boasts over 30,000 subscribers) posts daily videos attacking the mom-to-be and other British royals. 

So-called 'prosthetic belly' theory is truly bizarre, but haters are off the handle over Meghan's underestimation of people's intelligence. These people are ready to swear the Duchess is not pregnant at all. 

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Ugh, we do think we all need to stop caring about someone's business and enjoy our lives. 

Which normal fans did

Well, it's up to everybody to take it or leave it, but hopefully, Meghan isn't reading all of social media rubbish.