Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary To The Beautiful And Happy Couple, Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban!

Date June 25, 2019

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban met at G'Day USA gala in 2005, and a year later, they got married. The country music singer once revealed that meeting Nicole wasn't "life-changing" — it was "life-beginning." 

After Kidman's failed marriage to Tom Cruise, she madly fell for Keith Urban and has never stopped loving him since that day. The couple shares two daughters together, Sunday and Faith. How amazing are they?


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Wedding anniversary 

Thirteen years ago, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman tied the knot in a cliff-top church in their homeland, Sydney, Australia. 

June 25, 2006, was a remarkable day for the couple as they were surrounded by the closest family members and best friends while showcasing their strong love and bond during the ceremony. 

Though Nicole and Keith have been together for more than a decade, they still love each other as at the beginning, or even more! The two constantly post different selfies and snaps on their social media accounts, revealing their true feelings toward each other. 


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Indeed, Kidman and Urban are relationship goals for many people. They always beam happiness and positive vibes and deal with any trouble in their personal life together. 

One basic rule for a successful marriage

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban live in Nashville, the USA most of their time, but they also visit Sydney as the Big Little Lies star has a farmhouse there. 

The family-of-four has one important rule — they agreed to keep work out of the home. They simply enjoy their quiet and nourishing life in a calm house, dedicating time for one another. 


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Happy 13th anniversary, beautiful and kind Nicole and Keith!