Carson Daly Is "So Scared Of Loving Kids Too Much" After Losing His Beloved Mother A Year Ago

Date March 22, 2019

Losing a beloved one is the whole new level of sadness and despair. Carson Daly has been through a lot after his mother's demise a bit more than a year ago. Sadly, the TV host had to spend the 1-year anniversary after her death in the same hotel room where he found out about the gruesome news in 2017.


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He sometimes tries to love his children less

The closer you're to somebody, the more painful life gets after their death. Carson Daly candidly revealed that being in intense grief significantly impacted his relationship with his three kids. 


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In the interview with Hoda Kotb at Today Show, Daly conceded that his strong, reliable, and close bond with his parents shaped his life and worldview. His mother and father were overly proud of their children, and his mom loved him too much. 

It hurt so much because I’m so bummed that that love isn’t there anymore. 


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This is why he is scared to love his 2 daughters and 1 son to the moon and back.

I sometimes try to love my kids less, almost on purpose because I’m so scared of loving them too much.


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Indeed, the more you love someone, the more you suffer and grieve after losing them. This is the reason Carson Daly is afraid of loving his family more and more; however, he can't help but fall in love with his kids every single day. 

He still wants to have more children

Carson and his wife Siri have a 9-year-old son Jackson, a 5-year-old daughter Etta, and a 3-year-old daughter London. But it looks like it’s not enough for him. Recently, Siri has revealed that her husband wants five children overall if they can. 


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Even though they have little time for themselves, Carson and Siri Daly still go on night dates, sharing a delicious meal and chatting about everything... except for children. 

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