"You Know It's July, Right?" Melania Trump Was Shamelessly Mocked For Planning Christmas In Summer Time

Date July 25, 2019 11:59

Do not ask "What's on earth...?" but Melania Trump is in a hectic preparation for the next Christmas.

The First Lady has already started the White House Christmas planning and even posted some photos on her official accounts to showcase what she's done so far, and promised to show the final vision in the upcoming months.

Planning Christmas decor in the East Wing is a unique tradition for Melania Trump. Last holiday, she "dressed up" the White House in red color, including tall trees, which faced a wave of criticism on social media.

While some people are sunbathing at the seaside and eat ice-cream in hot weather this summer, Donald Trump's wife is busy as a bee with the Christmas plan. As a result, people raised eyebrows about doing it in July and shared their outrage and mockery on the network.

At least, people can now stop asking constant questions, "Where is Melania Trump?" or "Why is she out of the spotlight?" The woman is preparing for Christmas which is one of her favorite holidays, so, please.

That's why other social media users praised FLOTUS!

By the way, we forgot to tell how mesmerizing and charming Melania Trump looked like! Oh, this white dress and this modeling figure!