Anderson Cooper Can't Hold His Tears Back While Paying A Heartbreaking Tribute To His Late Mother, Gloria Vanderbilt

Date June 18, 2019 11:20

Gloria Vanderbilt passed away at 95 years old. The fashion icon was diagnosed with stomach cancer earlier this month. Her son, Anderson Cooper, wrote a heartbreaking statement, saying:

Gloria Vanderbilt was an extraordinary woman, who loved life and lived it on her own terms ... 


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The CNN star Anderson Cooper's voice was cracking while paying tribute to his late mother on June 17th. He revealed he kissed her every single time when he had to say 'goodbye' and said, "I love you, mom."

I knew it from the moment I was born and I'll know it for the rest of my life and in the end, what greater gift can a mother give to her son.

Cooper was praising his mother like no one else. He was genuinely proud of her personality and the meaning of existing and living next to him as a whole.

Her private self, her real self, that was more fascinating and more lovely than anything she showed the public.

Cooper loved his mother to the moon and back. He was ready to do anything for her and that's why he never let her down.

I always felt it was my job to try to protect her. She was the strongest person I've ever met but she wasn't tough.


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There are so many other sensitive, emotional, and beautiful words Anderson told after his mother's demise. They can literally break someone's heart. 

Gloria Vanderbilt was 95 years old when she died. What an extraordinary life. What an extraordinary mom. And what an incredible woman.


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Vanderbilt was a hero for many people, including her own son Anderson!

People were emotional as well

Rest in peace, Gloria Vanderbilt! Let's keep her family in our thoughts and prayer in such a difficult period of their lives.