Miraculous Thailand Cave Rescue: All 12 Boys And Their Football Coach Have Been Successfully Saved

Date July 11, 2018 13:47

For nearly 3 weeks, the world has been nervously following developments of the rescue mission, which was needed to save a Thai football team consisting of 12 boys and their coach stuck in a flooded cave. Fortunately, the operation ended successfully, but it could've been avoided in the first place.

Dangers of cave exploring

Thai football team were excited to go deep into the Tham Luang cave for some bonding time. However, they didn't know it was the monsoon season, which made their expedition extremely dangerous.

CBS News / YouTube

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Authorities now warn everyone to stay out of cave networks, as it becomes life-threatening during the monsoon. The cave can fill up with water in a shockingly short time, so it's crucial to take extra precaution when planning a similar trip.

Miraculous rescue

12 boys and their football coach faced unimaginable danger when they were trapped deep within the Tham Luang cave, after it got flooded with millions of gallons of water.

CBS News / YouTube

Thai Navy seals went on a rescue mission and found the group 10 days later in relatively good health. They immediately began mapping out the escape plan, which involved pumping out the water and getting the boys out of danger one by one.

CBS News / YouTube

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Each boy was guided by two divers that helped them swim through the entirety of the cave. It took them three days to get everyone to safety.

When the last survivor was saved and the mission ended in success, the streets of Chiang Rai, city close to the cave network, erupted with cheers. Everyone praised the team of expert divers, who risked their lives in order to save others. The excitement could hardly be contained by everyone involved.

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This is the happy ending everyone was hoping for.

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