"Pool Time!": Dean Martin's Daughter Shares Private Snaps Of Her Dad Splashing Around With His 8 Kids

Date July 25, 2019

Aside from being dubbed "The King of Cool", famous singer and entertainer Dean Martin was also a devoted father of eight children.

Unfortunately, 3 of Martin's children have already passed away, while other's live happy and remain close with each other.

Dean's daughter Deana is rather active on social media and she recently shared some rare photos of her family, showing how much fun Martin used to have with his kids.

Pool time for the Martin family!

Deana Martin posted private family photos from her childhood, which prove how close all Dean's children always were.

It looks like they had a blast!

We can see the legendary singer splash and have the time of his life with all his 8 kids. You don't see pictures like these every day!

Fans are obsessed with the candid snaps


Dean was a wonderful Dad you can tell how much he loved his children. Plus would have been interesting being around him.💞💗💞


👍🏼! Great Throw the pool pics on this TBT! Love em! ❤️💙


Beautiful moments of happiness and fun..this is the good side of life!


Such a great Dad! Beautiful times Deana❤️👍🙏💕


Great photos, thank you for sharing! ☺️

Thank you, Deana, for sharing such a joyful memory with everyone!