Women Had A Monstrous 50-Lb Cyst Removed After Doctors Failed To Detect It And Told Her To Lose Weight


June 29, 2018 16:49 By Fabiosa

Female reproductive system is very complex, and due to its numerous pecularities can often fall victim to health issues. One of such problems are ovarian cysts. According to doctors, every woman develops at least one such cyst during their lifetime.

Ovarian cysts aren't necessarily life-threatening, but they can cause many unpleasant, and at times painful, symptoms. Some of them include abdominal pain, fever, weight gain, messed up menstrual cycle, and more.

A cyst can often be undetected for long periods of time or be mistaken for a different condition. One such existing case is almost impossible to believe.

Neglected illness

30-year-old Kayla Rahn had been suffering from mysterious stomach pains for several months before she decided to seek medical help.

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Upon quickly looking at Kayla, doctor said her symptoms, which included rapid weight gain, labored breathing, and abdominal pain, will go away if she loses weight.

Kayla trusted her doctor and carried on with her daily life. She continued to become heavier, and, according to her, it was a severely traumatizing experience:

I legit looked like I was a solid 9 months pregnant. We went to dinner and someone asked me if I was having twins. It was frustrating and rough.

One day, Rahn couldn't handle the pain anymore and begged medical professionals for help. Doctors conducted extensive tests and discovered that Kayla had developed an enormous ovarian cyst.

The 30-year-old patient was rushed to surgery, after which a 50-lb cyst was removed from her stomach. According to her surgeon, this was "one of the largest I have ever seen or certainly removed."

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Kayla's recovery went well and she hopes that her example will encourage women to get to the bottom of their pain and never put up with it.

Public is raising awareness

We're glad to hear Kayla Rahn was treated in time and hope that no one else neglects their health concerns.

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