Bellissima! Duchess Camilla Stole Our Breaths Away In Exclusive Peach Outfit At Royal Ascot Carriage Procession

Date June 19, 2019 10:38

There were some busy days for the royal family! The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, together with the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince of Wales have recently joined her Majesty at the Royal Ascot carriage procession.

The beautiful carriage procession is held annually to mark the beginning of the racing event.

Every year, members of the royal family attend this special event, arriving in a horse-drawn carriage. And, of course, their outfits are always in the center of everybody’s attention.

Duchess Camilla’s elegant outfit

This year, the Duchess Camilla amazed the public by appearing in the stylish peach color outfit at the Royal Ascot carriage procession.

Camilla travelled alongside the Duchess of Cambridge, and seemed to be so delighted!

She looked indeed gorgeous!

Royal fans’ comments

Camilla’s fans couldn’t take eyes off her, and they keep writing posts in their social media accounts, claiming she looked really fabulous!

The Duchess of Cornwall looked indeed incredible in her peach color outfit at the Royal Ascot carriage procession.