Mom Arrested After She Allowed A Teen To Give Her 10-Year-Old Son A Tattoo

Date October 3, 2018

Nikki J. Dickinson, 34, is charged after reportedly allowing her 10-year-old son to be tattooed by a teen.

As reported by ABC 6, the woman was charged with first-degree misdemeanor child endangering and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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According to the information provided by police officers, the mother was tired of her son constantly asking for a tattoo. Eventually, she gave up and agreed.

Nikki J. Dickinson allowed her 10-years-old son to get a tattoo in unsafe, unsanitary conditions. He was tattooed by a 16-years-old teen, who often does tattoos at home. Reportedly, his another client got an MRSA infection.

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The teen was also charged with two delinquency counts of tattooing prohibitions. He gave people tattoos in conditions which don't meet safety and sanitation standards, as well as sterilization and disinfection standards.

This story went viral after the video of a kid getting a tattoo appeared online last week.

Specialists from the American Academy of Dermatology warn that piercing and tattooing really aren't safe. You can end up with a bad infection or a scar. That is why doctors claim piercings and tattoos aren't a good idea for kids.

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