This Isn't A Joke! A 10-Year-Old North Carolina Student Was Punished For Calling His Teacher "Ma'am"

Date August 29, 2018

The parents of a 5th grader from North Carolina are speaking up after their son was punished for calling his teacher "ma'am."

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Disobedience or respect?

His mom, Teretha Wilson, told ABC 13 that she was shown a sheet of paper in which the teacher asked Tamarion to write the word "ma'am" repeatedly, in penance for his crime.

Apparently, the teacher at North East Carolina Preparatory School had instructed Tamarion to stop calling her the "offensive" word, but he continued to call her precisely that because he was brought up to respect his elders.

Was the teacher wrong?

The prep school teacher also instructed that Tamarion gets a parent to sign the sheet of paper. And online, people are convinced that there's something amiss.

One comment reads, "When I was coming up, we got in trouble if we DIDN’T!". The school insists that it is a personal matter, and has been resolved appropriately.

But Tamarion's case is not the only example of an unusual behaviour of a teacher recently. Weeks ago, a south Florida woman caught a teacher calling her son a loser on camera, and took legal action. This has got to stop.

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