Single Mom Of 2 Could Lose Her Teaching Job After Her Private Pole Dancing Video Got Leaked Online

Date August 23, 2018

A single mom from North Carolina is getting some heat from her work for 'living her best life'.

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Double life?

Kandice Mason, a teacher at Hoke County Middle School, also works part-time as a pole dance instructor. According to ABC 11, Mason has 3 degrees, and is passionate about her teaching job.

The self-taught pole dancer says she was looking forward to meeting her sixth-grade students, but her dreams were cut short after her unexpected suspension.

Here's what people think

Mason is stunned that her pole dancing hobby can jeopardize her life in any way. And her shock is not out of place, given that pole dancing is now considered a legitimate sporting activity.

Worse still, the school is refusing to specify why exactly Mason has been suspended.

But the mom of two believes it's connected with the leaked pole dancing video from her private Facebook page, given that the official statement by the school reads:

As role models for the school system, students, however, employees are responsible for their public conduct.

Online opinions are very divided.

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