Abusive Daycare Owner Arrested For Drugging Children And Locking Them In Closets To Make Her Job Easier


September 20, 2018 15:29 By Fabiosa

The Texas town of Mesquite has come under the spotlight after police discovered a daycare from hell run by one of its residents, Rebecca Anderson.

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Disturbing child care tactics

Anderson admitted that she had repeatedly drugging children left under her care with Tylenol and left for up to 7 hours in dark rooms and closets tied by their necks to car seats.

Upon interrogation, she revealed that the disturbing child care tactics she'd used were done to stop the children from crying while making sure that they wouldn't move all day.

How to avoid caregivers from hell

According to ABC, that Anderson has now been arrested. Police reports reveal that has been slammed with nine counts of child endangerment.

Online, people are alarmed and sharing their concerns about childcare. But, there's no need to despair. Picking a daycare for your child is a huge step and parents can ensure their children are in the right hands by running policy checks, doing a good old drop and spy, and calling to check in. It's also important to trust your guts. Goodluck! 

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