Experts Warn UK Residents Of A Spider Invasion This Wet Season: Here's What You Need To Know

Date August 16, 2018

It's the wet season again and as usual, homeowners are about to have a bug invasion problem on their hands.

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Spider invasion

But, for residents of UK cities like Kent and Gloucestershire, their bug problems are a little different. They'll be forced to share their home with a ton of spiders. Not just any spiders, but the male specie ladden with at least 100 eggs.

These 8-legged creatures will be looking for convenient places to mate because that's what they do during the wet months. By design, according to a report on Liverpool Echo, they are conditioned to seek out shelter for mating rituals.

They're harmless and you can get rid of them

What happens if you are a bug hater and are scared to death of spiders? Well, if it's any comfort, a professor of science communication at the University of Gloucestershire, Adam Hart, offers some assurance.

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Hart told that spiders are basically harmless and great for gardening and the ecosystem. Still, if this isn't information you particularly care for and would rather not see a spider in your home, you can simply get rid of them with anything from white vinegar to citrus peels to salt water. Good luck with that.