Wisconsin Woman's Death Linked To Rare, Fatal Infection Caused By Her Dog's Saliva

Date August 14, 2018

Public Service Announcement: your dog's saliva may not be as harmless as you think! A woman from Wisconsin has died from what doctors believe is an infection caused by her dog.

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What is capnocytophaga? reports that the deceased, Sharon Larson, 58, sustained a minor bite from her puppy and within 24 hours, she had to be rushed to the hospital where she was tested positive for capnocytophaga and passed on 2 days later.

The deadly disease which is found in dogs, cats, and humans in rare cases is transferred via saliva and can have life-threatening outcomes like gangrene, heart attack, and kidney failure. 

No 'simple dog bite'

In extreme cases - 3 in 10 - the victims could die with a 24-72 hour window according to Centers For Disease Control and Prevention and unfortunately, Sharon was an extreme case.

Her husband, Dan Larson, is still having a hard time processing the sudden turn of events. Especially because he was told that the disease was extremely rare.

However, her son Steve wants people to become more cautious. According to him, there's no such thing as a 'simple dog bite'. He knows better. But a few people online think the report and the calls for caution are a tad melodramatic. What are your thoughts?

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