No Equality: Prince George Wore A Cheap $7 T-Shirt For His Birthday While Princess Charlotte Was Dressed Up In A $87 Designer Dress

Date July 23, 2019 14:30

When the royals step out for casual outings, it's usually one of the best times to observe them. It looks like we've suspected favoritism when the Cambridge children celebrated their latest birthdays.

Prince George's birthday photos

On July 22, Prince George turned 6. Though the Cambridges are on their official summer holiday, they didn’t forget to share cute pictures in honor of their son’s birthday.

A series of pictures taken by the proud mother, Kate Middleton, in the garden of their home was posted on Kensington Palace’s Instagram account.

In one picture, the young prince was seen rocking a green polo and striped shorts while looking at the camera.

In another shot, little George was wearing a Manchester United jersey and lying on the grass.

Prince vs Princess

Being the younger one and the only daughter, Princess Charlotte could be enjoying some of the extra perks. Doesn’t sound like Prince George would mind. This arrangement is pretty common in siblings and the royals are not exempted.

In the photograph released by Kensington Palace to mark their birthdays, it was quite noticeable that Princess Charlotte was treated with a designer dress while Prince George was dressed cheaply.

The cutie had donned an $87 blue floral smock dress from British children's designer Trotters. It was a great choice for her birthday shoot.

Meanwhile, Prince George's dark green polo from high-street brand H&M costs $7.

People offered different opinions

Well, their street-style was quite moderate and there was no extravagance to complain about.