‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Amanda Salinas Performed Emotional Father-Daughter Dance At Her Beautiful Wedding

Date June 18, 2019 11:21

Little Women: Atlanta star Amanda Salinas and her boyfriend Jordan Castillo have finally tied the knot. Looking beautiful on her wedding day, the reality star got very emotional during the father-daughter dance.


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Who is Amanda Salinas?

Amanda Salinas is a reality TV personality well known for role on lifetime series Little Women: Atlanta. She stars on the show alongside her identical twin sister, Andrea Salinas. They are both known as the Tiny Twins.


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The twins, who have an older brother, moved from Texas to Atlanta to try and be a part of the Atlanta club scene.

Emotional father-daughter dance

It’s official! Little Women star and her longtime boyfriend Jordan Castillo are married. The couple have been dating since 2014 and got engaged back in the summer of 2017.


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In a video obtained by PEOPLE magazine, the Tiny Twin gets emotional during her father-daughter dance at the wedding. As they start to dance, Amanda’s father Oscar whispers in her ear: “I love you, mama.”


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Amanda tearfully recalls the important role her dad played during her challenging childhood. She said:


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My dad is my everything. He has taught us the good and the bad. Whenever we were in school, he would always go to our school and make sure that stuff was modified in the restroom for us to wash our hands. Whenever we would sit on chairs, he would build us little boxes so we would be able to reach. He always made sure to look out for us and I love him so much.


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This is what fans had to say


This wedding made me cry and I dont even know you. I'm so happy for you and Jordan. I hope I can find love like you and him! ❤💕🥰


So happy for you❤️😁


What a beautiful bride and handsome Daddy, congratulations


Omg I literally cried my lashes off.. you and your sister are wonderful people.. May God bless your Union... 💜❤️🧡💛


I had tears the whole time watching

Congrats to the happy couple!