Leimert Park Horror: Man Discovered His Father And Grandparents Dead At Home


May 31, 2018 12:21 By Fabiosa

The busy lives we lead can keep us from spending time with our families. Time is scarce, so make sure you choose to spend it with the people who love you the most.

Life is cruel, you never know what can happen to your beloved ones. One man had to find that out in a hard way.

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The man tried to get in touch with his father and grandparents.

CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

When he couldn’t reach them, he had to come and check and what he discovered was a horrifying scene – three of them laid dead in a bathroom.

CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

According to police, 62-year-old Phillip White Sr. and his parents 82-year-old William Carter and 77-year-old Orsie died from blunt force trauma, and two of them had also been shot. The niece of one of the victims commented:

They all worked hard. I mean, they was God fearing — this is unimaginable.

One neighbor noticed that something was wrong, as Orsie’s car stayed overnight, which never happened before, so he contacted the victims’ relative.

CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

No one has been taken in custody yet, but the police is questioning a 55-year-old Nancy Amelia Jackson who was the victims’ caregiver and was romantically involved with Phillip White.

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