Woman With Multiple Sclerosis Was Tied To Wheelchair With Dirty Blanket By Airline Employees

Airplanes supposed to provide a safe environment or at least create a feeling of one. But recently, it seems that airline employees have gone mad. They can get confrontational, have meltdowns, and, sometimes, act in a very cruel way.

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Maria Saliagas’ devastating encounter

Maria Saliagas, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was traveling to Europe with her husband on April 1. Little did she know that her trip will take a very unpleasant turn at Amsterdam airport.

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According to her son Nathan, the poor woman was tied to a wheelchair by Delta employees after she began slipping out of the seat, as it didn’t have straps to help her sit upright. He commented:

They took a dirty blanket and tied her forcefully with it, and she has bruise marks on this part of her arm, he said, pointing to his bicep, which is where it was tied.

The disappointed son added:

When she started crying, she was told to ‘shut the f— up’ or she will be ‘left there.

He continued:

I definitely know that they’re a good airline, I’m not doubting that at all, but in this specific situation, there was no courtesy, no respect. There was complete operations failure.

Even though Maria and her husband were offered 20,000 free SkyMiles, the couple said it wasn’t enough, thus aiming to change the airline’s policies towards people with disabilities.

An investigation made after the devastating event claimed that an airport-contracted wheelchair company was responsible for the transfer but not the airline.

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This is not the first time airline employees act in an inhuman way. Jason Haag of Fredericksburg, Virginia, who relies on his dog Axel to help him to avoid anxiety attacks and terrifying flashbacks, was ruthlessly questioned about his disability and his dog while trying to board the American Airlines flight home.


Then, the airline representatives accuse Jason of giving false information and producing fake identification. He and his family were denied entry on the aircraft and had to spend the night in a hotel.

How to deal with airline employees with bad attitude

If you ever get in a situation when you feel like airline employees are being rude or unfair to you, remember these tips:

  • never shout at an airline employee – it will only escalate the situation and make the chances that they will refuse you any further help even higher;
  • always be kind - if you are being nice to a rude person, sometimes, you can disarm them and even change their behavior for the better;
  • if you see that one of the airline employees is having a bad day, talk to the one, who seems more agreeable.

And remember, if you ever encounter an extremely abusive behavior, ask someone who saw it to back up your story.

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