Young Man Accidentally Stabbed Himself To Death Thinking He Was Wearing A Stab-Proof Vest


June 19, 2018 15:15 By Fabiosa

Stab-resistant vests are a highly functional solution to people who are in need of reliable protection from edged weapons. But it doesn't mean that you can be 100% protected. Unfortunately, the accident with this young man proves you can’t always rely on such garments.

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22-year-old Jordan Easton from Teesside stabbed himself to death because he believed he was wearing a ‘stab-proof’ jacket.

The young man was sitting in the kitchen in a friend's house when he decided to demonstrate the vest’s protective abilities. He took a kitchen knife and stabbed himself in the chest but sadly, the vest wasn’t ‘stab-prof’ after all.

Easton was rushed into hospital when doctor fought for his life, but they lost the battle. Jordan died of single stab wound to the chest. The accident was under investigation of Cleveland Police.

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Detective Superintendent, Ted Butcher, said the young man died after 'boisterous act' revealing he had had 'issues' in his past but had appeared to have settled down. He stated that the witness accounts of the incident as well as toxicology results all tallied together.

People took to Twitter to react to what happened:

Easton’s mom is sure it wasn’t possible that her son deliberately wanted to hurt himself. The incident was described as 'the foolishness of youth.’

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