Snakes On A Plane: Police Found A 5-Foot Snake In A Rental Car At Airport

Date July 2, 2018 11:49

It looks like this has been a year of the snake so far! These creeping reptiles have been dominating the news headlines for quite a while now, which makes us wonder; maybe, they are plotting something?

Recently, snakes have been popping up everywhere, even in our pool noodles!

Now, they are attempting to get on planes – hopefully, not to enact the horror classic starring Samuel L. Jackson.

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A curious discovery

On Wednesday, a police discovered an interesting thing at Oakland International Airport. A 5-foot-long boa constrictor was found in a rental car and now is waiting for its owner.

So far, the police’s search was unsuccessful as no one has claimed the little creature. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office in Oakland took the snake from the airport to the country’s animal control division where it was offered a home.

It was previously stated that the deputy, who made a surprising discovery, is an “enthusiast about snakes,” so the reptile is in good hands. We just hope it won’t hug too hard in the moment of affection.

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People’s reactions

It’s a good thing police found a poor creeping fella before the next customer rented the car.

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