What A Stud! Fans Can’t Get Enough Of How Hot Mark Consuelos Is After Seeing His Shirtless Photo Shared By Kelly Ripa

Date July 3, 2019 12:18

Kelly Ripa and her hunky husband Mark Consuelos took their kids on a luxurious family vacation. Of course, the most exciting part of it for us is the many photos the two were generous enough to share.


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Being dubbed as the fittest couple in Hollywood, Kelly and Mark are a huge inspiration for many.


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The 48-year-old TV host proves that you can look incredible no matter how old you are and we love her for it.


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But not only Kelly has the body some 20-year-olds could dream of. Her husband has definitely earned the eye candy of the month award.

New photo

Ripa treated her followers to a brand new photo of her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, showing to everyone she’s a very lucky lady. The TV star posted a shirtless snap of Mark as he’s about to take a dip in the ocean and we can’t handle it.


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At 48, Consuelos has a dream figure. Kelly managed to capture the moment when her hubby’s muscles are beautifully lit by the sun.


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Fans can't get over of how hot he is 

@theresasimeone commented:

He is hot! Kelly do are you! So don’t let these comments bother you... you guys are great together. Also beautiful kids... especially my fav Joaquin.

@millertimemum agreed by saying:

You’ve got a handsome hubby Ripa! 

@robliefeld added:

My screen melted.

@ paulper73 noted:

god you’re a lucky gal.

Kelly is certainly lucky but we also think that Mark is lucky too as he has such a gorgeous and loving wife.