Spider Bite Leads To Leg Amputation For Mother-Of-Three From Arkansas

Date July 19, 2018

Warning! If you ever spot a spider with a violin shape on its back, be careful – you’ve probably met a brown recluse. Those spiders can be dangerous as their bites will become necrotic, making the skin turn black and develop a deep and open sore as it dies.

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Recently, there have been more cases of people who have discovered that their homes became a brown recluse’s residence. But while many would brush it off – after all, it’s just a spider – they should be aware of the consequences of meeting this brown fella.

Deadly bite

One day, Kiara Boulton got out of the shower and noticed something strange on her foot. There was a bump that looked like a spider bite. She went to a hospital, where she got prescribed some medicine.

Three days later, Kiara’s toe turned black. She went back to the doctors and received heartbreaking news: Her toe had to be amputated. But, unfortunately, that was just a beginning.

The infection spread quickly, and the only option remaining was to amputate the whole leg above the knee. The mom-of-three went through seven surgeries, all because of a brown recluse's bite.

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The woman says she let the apartment’s manager know about the spider situation, and the pest control was invited, but it didn’t help. Now, Boulton holds all the spiders she can find in a jar to prevent them from biting her kids.

Another case

Angela Wright from Tennessee discovered around 50 brown recluse spiders in her bedroom after being bitten by them. They were hiding in her shoes, bed, and even iron.

If you suspect you’ve been bitten by a brown recluse, or in fact any spider, make sure to seek for medical help immediately.

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