Brave David Rothenberg, Severely Scarred By His Father Who Lit Him On Fire, Dies At 42


September 20, 2018 16:42 By Fabiosa

David Rothenberg, who survived a terrible crime committed by his own father, passed away at 42 years old. Since childhood, David bravely had been wearing all the horrible scars that were left after his father set him on fire.


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In 1983, Rothenberg’s parents were in the middle of the custody battle when his father took then 6-year-old David on a trip to Orange County with a promise to visit theme parks.

But after having a phone argument with his estranged wife, the father gave his son a sleeping pill, poured kerosene on him and set the little boy on fire. However, despite suffering third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body, David survived.


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The story was described in a book written by David’s mother and then transformed into a 1988’s movie titled “David.”

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Friends with a legend

Later in his life, Rothenberg, who changed his name to Dave Dave, befriended a music icon, Michael Jackson. The music legend emotionally supported David for the next 30 years of his life.

Dave Dave was one of the attendees at Michael’s funeral and spoke there. When remembering their friendship, he called the King of Pop a father he never had.

The Twitter world reacted to the sad news

Dave Dave was a successful contemporary conceptual artist. He passed away on July 15 at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. Throughout his life, he never let the awful past to define him as a human being.

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