Parkland Victim’s Mom Is Charged $36,000 For Her Urgent Flight To Florida. After It’s Get Public, Airline Changes Its Mind

Scott Beigel, 35, was a geography teacher at the Parkland school in Florida. On that day, he proved he was a hero when opened the doors of his classroom for students to hide. However, he didn’t make it himself and was killed by a gunshot.

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His mother, Linda Beigel Schulman, was in New York when she heard a geography teacher was shot. She took a charter jet at Talon Air to fly to his son as quickly as possible, hoping he was in the hospital. Having landed, she learned he was dead.

I had no idea what the charge was at the time. It really didn't matter what the charge was. I was convinced in my mind that my son was in the hospital and I needed to get to him as fast as possible.

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The airline charged her $36,459.13, including the flight back to New York with no passengers on board. Later, the company refunded $2,000 dollars.

However, Linda was trying to find the truth. So, she made a post on Facebook with a photo of the bill.

When it reached the company's owner, he immediately settled everything, and they refunded the remaining $18,000 dollars for the flight back to NY to the Scott J. Beigel Memorial Fund.

The mother will never see her beloved son again, but at least, there are still good people among us who can show a decent example to our society.

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