People Are Divided Into 2 Camps: Some Think Prince George Looks Just Like His Daddy, Prince William, Others – The Queen

Date July 24, 2018

Recently, the royal family has been having lots of reasons for celebration. And now, it’s time for Prince George and his 5th birthday.

Special birthday gift

The birthday boy has received a special gift from The Royal Mint. They have released a special coin for Prince George. The special piece is dated 2018 and pictures a legend of Saint George and the Dragon.


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New photo of Prince George

To mark the 5th birthday of their son, Prince William and Kate Middleton have shared a new special photo of their boy. It was taken right after Prince Louis’ christening and shows Prince William all happy and smiling.


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Naturally, the photo gathered lots of favorable comments from people congratulating him on the 5th birthday.

What is more, people have started discussing if Prince George looks like his dad, Prince William, or like the Queen. They got divided as it’s hard to tell who the Prince took after. It's crystal clear he looks a lot like his relatives, and that’s really great.

The main point here is to wish the birthday boy lots of health and luck! The rest isn’t that important!

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