Swollen Legs And Bruises: NC Day Care Workers Finally Fired After They Tapped Shoes On 17-Months-Old Child’s Feet

Date May 28, 2018 15:45

Daycare isn’t always the best option both for parents and their kids. And first of all, because you don’t know how they treat your child there. However, if there’s no other place you can leave your child for a couple of hours, it seems to be a good idea.

But every parent should be aware of the danger daycare centers hide for their kids. And serious injuries caused to children in such centers all over the world serve as a valid proof.

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Two Pleasant Hill daycare center workers from North Carolina were merciless enough to strap a 17-month-old girl’s shoes to her feet with tightly bound tape. Such an outrageous act made the sweet girl suffer a lot from swelling and bruises.

It’s hard to imagine what these ‘workers’ were thinking at the moment. But now, thanks to the court decision, they have been fired. Her mother, Jessica Hayes, said it was horrible to see her daughter crying and in pain.

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It’s not the only case of such a cruel behavior happened in the same Pleasant Hill daycare. 49-year-old Cindy Holt, a mother, and her daughter were pleaded guilty for child abuse.

Authorities should take a closer look at those who work in such institutions as a mental and physical state of our kids depends on that! May never anything like this happen again!

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