8-Year-Old Boy Was Assaulted By A Classmate’s Mother. The School Administration Turned Their Backs On Him


May 15, 2018 17:14 By Fabiosa

For any parent, sending a child to school can be an anxious time. Surely, everyone wants their kid to be safe throughout the day. But unfortunately, students may experience violence and bullying not only from classmates but also from teachers. And sometimes, it’s other kids’ parents who can make a child’s life unbearable.

Jalen Swinton is an 8-year-old boy who’s in third grade at one of Bronx elementary schools. On April 26, he had a fight with a classmate in the cafeteria. But he didn’t expect what would happen next.

PIX11 News / YouTube

The classmate’s mother came to school the next day. She found the boy who was eating his breakfast. Then, she grabbed him by his neck and dragged Swinton all the way down the hall into the principal’s office.

PIX11 News / YouTube

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As Jalen’s mom revealed in an interview with PIX11, the school didn’t file a police report. Since the incident, Swinton has been staying at home, as he’s too afraid to go back. As he says:

I have dreams about her and she is going to drag me again.

PIX11 News / YouTube

Jalen’s mom even asked for transfer, but the school told her they couldn’t do that because it was a one-time incident.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time violent parents attack their children’s classmates. Recently, another incident in Oakland has made headlines. A mother of a third-grader lured her daughter's classmate into the bathroom and hit her with a hammer.


Apparently, the two families have a feud with one another. Now, the woman is in the jail, as she’s charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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