Road Accident: 2 Killed And Dozens Injured After School Bus Crashed Into Dump Truck


May 21, 2018 10:02 By Fabiosa

Each day, many drivers from all over the world die in road traffic accidents. Some demise because of speeding, intoxication, or inexperience. Others don’t have good reflexes and an ability to spot dangers on the road.

On May 17, around 10:20 in the morning, a school bus carrying 5th-graders and teachers collided with a dump truck. The accident took place in New Jersey.

Phil Murphy, New Jersey Gov., confirmed that at least 2 passengers were killed: a student and a teacher. / YouTube

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Some victims are now undergoing surgeries and are in critical condition. All 43 other passengers on the school bus were injured.

Associated Press / YouTube

As it can be seen from the images from the scene, the East Brook Middle School bus’ undercarriage and front were torn to pieces. No further details are provided, and the investigation is still ongoing.

ABC News / YouTube

Not long ago, another accident involving a passenger bus made headlines. In Canada, a bus carrying hockey team members and their coaches crashed into a tractor-trailer. Out of 28 people, 14 were killed, and others were hospitalized.

TODAY / YouTube

Stay safe on the road!

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