Teen With Cerebral Palsy Lives A Dream And Surprises Everyone As She Takes Steps Across Graduation Stage

Date June 28, 2018

Children with cerebral palsy often experience emotional issues due to their disorder and physical limitation. Sure, they are no different than other kids, as they want to make friends, fit in, and be accepted. And they surely don’t like it when they can’t keep up.

But with necessary determination and perseverance, they can move mountains.

CBS New York / YouTube

Tajia Rodrigues, from New Jersey, has cerebral palsy. The 19-year-old was told early on she might never walk. But she definitely surprised her peers, teachers, and parents when she took steps across the stage to receive her diploma.

CBS New York / YouTube

Of course, the teen needed a little help, but just take a look at how excited and happy she was when she achieved this milestone! How did it feel? Tajia gladly shares her emotions:

It felt amazing. If it wasn’t for my family, this day would have never happened.

CBS New York / YouTube

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This hasn’t been always this way. Some days, the teen doubted whether it would be possible, leaving her family in tears. But now, both of her parents are grateful the girl overcame these obstacles. As her dad, Victor Rodriguez, said:

We always tell her ‘Believe in yourself, never give up’.

CBS New York / YouTube

What is Tajia going to do next?

She’s now a high school graduate, so the 19-year-old is looking forward to having some quality time with her near and dear, especially 18 cousins. Then, she wants to achieve her another big dream: Open a center for children with needs.

We believe in you, Tajia, and so do numerous well-wishers from all over the world!

We hope the girl will achieve all the milestone moments she dreams about.

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