11-Year-Old Black Girl Is Forced To Leave Catholic Middle School Because Of Her Hairstyle

Date August 23, 2018

When 11-year-old Faith from Louisiana arrived to the Christ the King Middle School, she didn’t expect what would happen next. As it turned out, the school had made changes in its dress code, making the girl’s hair a problem.

What was wrong with it?

Faith’s brother, Steven Fennidy, revealed in his angry post on Facebook that his sister was sent home due to the extensions she was wearing. The hairdo was not new, since she had been wearing the extensions for 2 years while attending the same school.

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Over the summer, the school added a policy that stated that no clip-ins, weaves, or extensions were allowed, only natural hair. As Fennidy says, the rule was added without consulting parents. He also believes it has racial implications:

It’s just one more barrier to entry for black people. This decision is going to affect black children more than white children.

Steven Evergreen Fennidy / Facebook

What does the school say?

In their turn, school administrators admitted the student was sent home. But they also said all parents knew about the new policy. In this particular case, administrators informed both Faith and her mom that the girl’s hairstyle didn’t comply with the rule:

The child had her hair re-done on Friday of last week, and reported to school today. The new hair style was still not in compliance with the new hairstyle policy. At that point, the parent made the decision to remove her child from the school.

What do the folks on the Internet think about that?

Do you also believe this policy has racial implications?

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