Meghan Markle Posed For Cameras As A Hollywood Star Despite Her Request For Privacy At Wimbledon, A Body Language Expert Claims

Date July 18, 2019

While people may lie, their body language – never! An expert in this field noticed that Meghan Markle posed for cameras like a Hollywood star despite her request for privacy at Wimbledon. Who is lying then?

Asking for privacy

Last week, the royal mom Meghan Markle decided to take a break from her maternity leave and made a surprise appearance at Wimbledon. Obviously, Meghan came to support her close pal Serena Williams.

Who would have thought that Meghan’s appearance at Wimbledon would turn as a real ‘disaster’ for the Duchess?! It all started after Meghan’s request not to take photos and videos of her during the match.

Royal watchers ‘attacked’ the Duchess on social media, saying that she “can’t turn privacy on and off” when she wants to.

‘Hollywood posing’ at Wimbledon

However, a body language expert Judi James examined Meghan’s behavior during Wimbledon and concluded that she didn’t want privacy at all.

The expert compared Meghan’s body language with a “Hollywood A-lister posing up for the cameras.” Judi James said Meghan showed the same body language during her baby shower.

Although it was all large shades and head down as she walked past the press there was a strongly theatrical air to her non-verbal displays, as though she was fully enjoying her role as an A-list star.

Another royal commentator Piers Morgan also accused the Duchess of faking her desire for privacy at Wimbledon.

Morgan explained his point of view:

It’s absurd for Ms Markle to demand privacy as she sits in the royal box on a publicly-funded jolly with her mates.

Well, we are not body language experts but we don’t see anything criminal in Meghan’s desire for privacy. Or is it something that doesn’t get along with the royals? What’s your vision of the matter?