Goodbye, Mia! Noemi Gonzalez Is Leaving "The Young And The Restless" Forever

Date April 9, 2019

The cast of the iconic The Young And The Restless is about to lose one of its longtime members. Noemi Gonzalez announced she is leaving the series.


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Goodbye, Mia!

Noemi Gonzalez, a beloved star of The Young And The Restless literally shocked her fans with a bombshell announcement. Noemi revealed she is leaving the famous series.

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Gonzalez announced the news via an emotional post on Twitter, saying how much she loved working on Y&R and would miss all the cast.

Her post stated:

I have been honored and blessed with the opportunity to embody such a dynamic character on such a special show. This is the hardest working cast/crew/staff in show business…

Noemi also thanked all her devoted fans who watched the series all these years. The actress added she will still be on the air for another month and feels excited about the upcoming career opportunities.


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Fans’ reaction

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Another loss for ‘Y&R’

Noemi Gonzalez announced her departure from the series just when her onscreen character, Mia, is about to find out about her pregnancy.

But Noemi is not the only one who is leaving Y&R near time soon. Gina Tognoni, who played in the series since 2014, announced she is also leaving the iconic series.


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According to reports, Michelle Stafford will replace Tognoni in the new episodes. Michelle will step back into the role, which she had from 1994 to 2014.


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Is it just us or something really weird is happening to The Young And The Restless?! The series keeps losing its longtime cast members. First, Gina! Then, Noemi! Fans wonder, who will be the next to leave Y&R?

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