Stop Playing The Victim! Samantha Markle Branded Duchess Meghan 'Heartless' In An Explosive New Documentary

Date March 1, 2019

People say, 'You can’t choose your family'. Duchess Meghan probably regrets this fact, as her ‘charming’ relatives obviously don’t plan to leave the mom-to-be alone. Her half-sister Samantha speaks out again, and this time, she accuses Meghan of “having no heart” and even more.

Playing the victim?

Samantha Markle is not going to calm down. Duchess Meghan’s estranged sister broke her silence again in an explosive new documentary that will air on Channel 5 on Saturday.

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Samantha spoke out for the first time since Meghan’s private letter to her father, Thomas Markle, was revealed to the public. In her letter, the royal mom-to-be addressed her father, saying that “he broke her heart into a million pieces” by sharing false information about her and Harry in the media.

In her new interview, Samantha commented on Meghan’s letter in the following way:

So a broken heart? No, his heart is broken. She can't turn herself into the victim here. 


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Then, Samantha continued, saying that her sister is lying and her heartbreaking letter is nothing else but a strategy.

That letter was strategic, it was so elegantly written and contrived.

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Fans stood for Meghan’s defense

Duchess Meghan and the Kensington Palace did not comment on Samantha’s 'revelations'. Probably, they also got tired of Meghan’s relatives and their constant accusations.

We hope that, at least, Harry and Meghan’s future baby will put an end to this lasting feud in the Markle family. However, the chances for this are pretty poor.

What do you think?

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