Royal Baby Confusion: Fans Were Outraged As Meghan Markle Was Going To Show Baby Sussex On ‘Vogue’ Cover, Reports Said

Date May 29, 2019

Meghan Markle is a happy mother now, but royal watchers continue to ‘attack’ her on social media. But is it really fair? Let's remember one case. Once, royal fans shamed Meghan for her alleged plan to unveil baby Sussex on Vogue cover.


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Baby Sussex and ‘Vogue’ cover?

When Meghan Markle was mom-to-be, there were dozens of wild rumors out there about her pregnancy. According to some reports, she and Baby Sussex could grace the cover of Vogue magazine. However, multiple fans were confused about it and even felt outraged because of such a non-typical for the royals thing.


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To appear on the fashion magazines covers with babies sounds more like a Hollywood tradition, which many American celebrity parents follow with pleasure. But how would the royal family react to such an idea?

Another detail that made people confused is that Harry and Meghan's baby birth. In particular, the royal lovebirds kept Baby Sussex birth private and shared the big news after they celebrated their joy as a family.

Meghan didn't pose with the newborn on the steps of the Lindo Wing hospital, like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton did.


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Meghan's behaviour generated controversial reactions from fans.

Fans didn't like the idea

People continued their attacks even after a rep for the Duchess stated that the claims were “categorically untrue,” according to Mirror.


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Do you agree with the royal fans that Duchess Meghan did something wrong? Should she pose on the magazine cover with Baby Sussex? Or, on the contrary, it would be a great opportunity to show the newborn to the entire world? Please share your opinions in the comments.