Melania Trump Truly Shines In A Gorgeous Short-Sleeve Red Dress And Stylish Heels For A Meeting With The Japanese PM’s Wife

Melania Trump looked sensational in an all-red outfit for a meeting with the wife of the Japanese prime minister earlier these days. Red-carpet-worthy appearance!


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Melania looks spectacular in red

Melania Trump has a lot of qualities that deserve admiration. She is a loving wife, a doting mother, and a wonderful First Lady.

Melania is a very smart woman. She speaks 6 languages. Can you imagine it?! She also supports numerous charitable organizations and is a founder of a social campaign ‘Be Best’.


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And of course, we just can’t help mentioning that Melania has an excellent sense of style. FLOTUS turns heads during all state visits due to her spectacular outfit choices.

Earlier these days, Ms. Trump confirmed her ‘style icon’ status during an official meeting with the wife of the Japanese PM.


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Melania looked truly gorgeous in a stylish red outfit, highlighting her slim figure. FLOTUS wore a Cédric Charlier short-sleeve red dress teamed with a trendy red coat and matching heels.

Her charming smile added some particular chic to Melania’s stunning gown.

Fans loved Melania’s red outfit a lot

Melania Trump is vivid proof that First Lady can be beautiful, intelligent, and smart at once. Bravo, FLOTUS! You deserve all the admiration of your multiple fans.