Goodbye, My Furry Pal! ‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Michelle Stafford Mourns The Loss Of Her Beloved Dog

Date July 12, 2019 10:55

The Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford lost a beloved family member. The heartbroken actress revealed that her pet dog died via an emotional post on Instagram.

Bye-bye, my furry friend!

Michelle Stafford needs our support right now. The Young and the Restless star revealed that her beloved pet dog Beauregard died.

The actress announced the sad news on her Instagram. Michelle shared a photo of her furry friend alongside a touching tribute.

She wrote:

Today we said good bye to this good boy… You truly are THE BEST BOY IN THE WORLD❤️🐶👑

Warning... obnoxiously long post. Today we said good bye to this good boy. I knew this day was coming soon. I was thinking of not telling my kids and just doing it alone. Not giving them a chance to say good bye. After all, they ceased 2 give him the attention they once had & I thought it was a better idea 2 tell them when they noticed he wasn’t around. “Oh, he passed on. But he is in a better place now”. That’s what we say, right? “He’s in a better place”. Truth be told, I didn’t want my kids 2b sad. Or feel pain. I wanted to make it easy for them. That’s my job as a parent. I suppose. Then I realized that my daughter would use that against me in years to come...right? “You just killed Beauregard with out letting me say goodbye”, she would probably say as a sassy 15 year old. Since I am not interested in giving my daughter ammunition against me... I decided to tell her what was going to happen to Beau. I’m joking but I did think it would ultimately be wrong to not let my kids say goodbye to him, pain or no pain. Pain & loss are funny things. None of us wanna feel it but it truly is inevitable. We seem 2b living in a world these days of feeling wronged 2 feel pain or loss or sadness. Or we pop a pill to “fix” it. Pain is a part of life. Honestly, how can we measure joy correctly if we haven’t felt sadness? So, my daughter was quite upset. We said good bye & told Beau he was the best boy in the world & thanked him 4 protecting us. We wished him well on his next adventure. I told Natalia it was important 2 tell him what a good boy he was. She did. J too. I listened as Natalia cried (keeping my composure) after all he had been my dog for 15 years. But our kids pick up on our emotions & copy us. I just wanted 2b there 4 her. I let her do whatever she wanted so we did a little funeral in the backyard. As we got ready 4 bed tonight she said “I’m glad for Beau, that he’s out of pain”... I don’t know if she would have come 2 that if I had chose not 2 tell her. Life is up & down & we gotta be willing 2 feel it all to really live it. We gotta let our kids feel it 2. Thank U Beauregard 4 teaching me a valuable lesson. You truly are THE BEST BOY IN THE WORLD❤️🐶👑

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Stafford added that she wasn’t sure how to prepare her kids for this sad loss. After all, she decided to be honest with them and let them feel what they needed to feel.

Dealing with pain is hard for everyone in such situation, especially for children. But Michelle just wanted them to say the last goodbye to their furry family member.

Fans send their condolences

@ supercalafragile

I’m so sorry😕 This is the only drawback to having pets and when it happens we think we will never get over it. As time passes it gets easier but you always miss them!!! Sending you love💞

@ jukeboxman91

💔💔💔💔 this is really sad!! Love to all!!!

@ blkthunderbird1

You are Awesome! So sorry for you and yours loss

@ eddydog23456

Oh so sorry ... you did right ... and although pain comes so does loving memories and they last forever. Rip Beauregard 💕

@ sparkler303

Sweet boy! RIP and prayers to your family 😭❤️

Losing a beloved pet hurts as much as losing a family member. Our deepest condolences to Michelle and her family!