Beth Chapman Is Accused Of Faking Cancer To Attract Public Attention

Date March 15, 2019 15:53

Beth Chapman is going through the tough period since her cancer has returned several months ago. But it appears, some social media users think that Beth is faking her disease to attract attention online. What will Beth respond to the trolls?


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Cancer survivor

By the end of 2018, Dog the Bounty Hunter star, Beth Chapman, made a sad revelation to fans – her cancer has returned.

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Beth was previously diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 but could battle the disease due to the enormous support of her family and her beloved husband, Duane.


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Faking the disease?

A lot of fans expressed their support to the beloved reality star. However, there were those who suspected Beth of faking the disease to attract more attention from the public.

Beth shared a screenshot of a series of comments, claiming she’s faking cancer. This person explained her point of view, saying that Beth’s five-mile hike just before she revealed her diagnosis was the evidence that it was all for show.

Beth responds to the trolls

Beth chose not to keep silence too and responded to the trolls via an emotional Facebook post.

Her post stated:

What kind of losers do you have to be to continue to call my cancer fake!


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Fans stood for Beth’s defense

Fortunately, the majority of social media users stood for Mrs. Chapman’s defense.

We still can’t figure it out what makes people write such offensive things on social media!? Don’t they have any respect for other people at all?

Please, share your opinions on this matter. Maybe, together we can teach people to be kinder and respect each other’s feelings.

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