Hurrah! Mishael Morgan Is Returning To ‘The Young And The Restless’ To Reprise Her Role As Hilary Curtis

Date May 6, 2019

We have some awesome news for all fans of The Young And The Restless! Mishael Morgan is returning to the iconic series after they ‘killed’ her character last year.


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Welcome back, Mishael!

If you are as a big fan of The Young And The Restless as we are, you’ve probably got used to numerous departures and sudden comebacks of its major characters.

Don’t worry! This time, we won’t make you upset by saying that some of your favorite actors is leaving the series. On the contrary! Mishael Morgan is officially returning to Y&R in a new season. Hurrah!


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The actress has already appeared in the latest episode of the series to reprise her role of Hilary Curtis. You may ask how is it possible if producers ‘killed’ her character last year?!

Well, the episode features Hilary’s spiritual presence when widower Devon imagines her on a date with Elena.

But will we see Morgan in a new season as well? Yes, the actress will return to the series in the next episodes, according to reports. Though it is still unclear whether fans will see only her spirit or producers will somehow find a way to revive Hilary.


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Fans’ reaction

We are really glad that Mishael Morgan is returning to The Young And The Restless. Did you also miss the actress?