Baby Sussex Is Almost Here! Meghan Markle's Thumbs May Indicate She Could Have An “Easy And Quick Birth”, According To Experts

Date April 10, 2019

Baby Sussex’s arrival is just around the corner! Ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby birth, experts give their verdicts on what Meghan’s delivery will be like.


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Why Meghan Markle is expected to have an easy labour

The royal lovebirds Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child together near time soon. Baby Sussex is expected to arrive at the beginning of April or the end of May. Fans can’t wait already!

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Ahead of the royal baby’s birth, experts share their thoughts regarding Meghan’s delivery.

An expert in anatomy, Dr. Adam Taylor, explained that Meghan’s bendy thumbs could indicate she'll have an “early and quick labour”.


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Taylor explained his point of view on the basis of numerous photos of pregnant Meghan with her hands holding her baby bump.


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Dr. Taylor added that Meghan’s love for yoga before pregnancy could also make it easier for the Duchess to give birth.

Any more mobility within these from having hypermobility may help make delivery easier too.


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According to a birth coach, Alexandra Kremer, Meghan’s hypermobility and her active way of life can give her a helping hand when it comes to a baby delivery.


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According to fingerprint analyst, Helen Elizabeth Evans, the Duchess’ bendy thumbs hint she may have shorter labour but it’s hard to say for sure, as there are “many other factors that could impact her birth experience that are not indicated in the hands.”

Baby Sussex Is Almost Here! Meghan Markle's Thumbs May Indicate She Could Have An “Easy And Quick Birth”, According To ExpertsGetty Images / Ideal Image

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Fans share their thoughts on this matter

Of course, we are not birth experts but we really hope Meghan will have an easy labour and will welcome a healthy boy or a girl.

Baby Sussex is almost here! Harry and Meghan are ready to welcome a newcomer. Here are some simple tips that can be useful for all parents-to-be.

Being blessed with a child is the greatest joy. It’s like a little miracle that becomes a reality!

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