Finally! Linda Hunt Makes A Surprising Return To 'NCIS: Los Angeles' After Missing The Entire Season 10

Date March 19, 2019 14:06

The fans’ favorite Linda Hunt made a surprising return to NCIS: Los Angeles after a lasting absence. What was going on in the actress’ life during this period?


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Linda Hunt returns to ‘NCIS’

If you as a big fan of NCIS: Los Angeles as we are, you’ll definitely won’t stay indifferent to this awesome news. The eminent Linda Hunt made a surprising return to the series in the most unexpected moment. Beware of the spoilers ahead!

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73-year-old Linda Hunt has been a major face on NCIS: Los Angeles for several years. The actress even got two Teen Choice Awards for her role as Hetty Lange.


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However, Hunt had to skip an entire season of NCIS following her hospitalization.  In summer 2018, Linda was involved in a car accident and was hospitalized.

Fans missed the beloved Hetty so much in the show. Finally, Hunt returned to the iconic series after missing the entire season 10.

Hetty made a legendary comeback to officiate the wedding of Marty and Kensi. Her character jokingly commented on her surprising return:

I can't leave you d*mn kids alone for one minute.


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We recognize our beloved Hetty)

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Fans missed Hetty so much

Numerous fans of the series missed Hunt’s character a lot during the season. They expressed their great joy about her return to NCIS.

We are so happy that Linda Hunt feels fine and is ready to get back to work on the next season of the fans’ favorite series.

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