Couple On Vacation Falls To Their Death While Trying To Take A Selfie

Date June 15, 2018 10:23

A couple on vacation in Portugal has lost their lives after a failed selfie. According to police, the British man was in his 40’s and his companion from Australia was in her 30’s. They were found dead on a beach at Praia dos Pescadores in the town of Ericeira near Lisbon.

Dudarev Mikhail /

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A cleaner on the beach found the couple on Tuesday. The man and woman were most likely posing on the wall at the beach and lost their footing.

Everything seems to indicate that the fall happened when they were probably trying to take a selfie. Since we found a mobile phone on the wall, everything suggests the victims might have been taking a selfie, when they allowed the phone to fall, leaned over to grab it and fell.

Both the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) have acknowledged the deaths of the man and woman.

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Selfie-related deaths are becoming a major cause of concern internationally with India having the highest number of recorded deaths. Many people are addicted to capturing moments with their cellphones or cameras at the risk of their safety, and some just take these pictures to impress their friends.

So, next time you feel the itch to capture that perfect selfie in that one-of-a-kind location, remember, safety is the main concern. If it looks like you may get hurt in the process, pass. Better yet, find a safer way to capture the moment without endangering yourself.

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