Donald Trump Jr. Shares Sweet Post Of His Kids, But People Are Upset That His Daughter Was 'Indecently Dressed'


May 14, 2018 10:44 By Fabiosa

These days, parent-shamers are everywhere, and they get upset with basically anything. This time around, they went after the son of the US President Donald Trump after he shared a post of him playing with his children. 


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The social media post that caused a stir

Last week, the father of five shared a cute video that featured 5-year-old Spencer and 3-year-old Chloe. In the short clip on Instagram, the dad was playing around with his kids, and they were shooting Nerf guns at each other.

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In the caption of the adorable video, Don explained that they were having a fun Nerf gun battle time, and his kids were winning. 

The video began by showing Spencer laughing and shooting Nerf pellets at his dad. Then, we see little Chloe who was holding her own gun. But it was what she was wearing that had people upset.

Chloe was sporting a pair of pink shorts and no top. 

Several people who commented on the post did not consider Chloe decently dressed enough. Some went for Don, asking why he did not teach his child the concept of dressing well.


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"Teach her modesty. Not too young to start," one commenter said. Another added that "Chloe needs a shirt on." A few other people also shared comments that were along the lines of Chloe needing to wear a shirt. "All that money … dress your children," one lashed out.

In his defense

There were a lot of people who came out to defend the dad with most of them pointing out that little girls playing without a shirt on isn't that unusual.

A woman with the username Katiegirl60 admonished those attacking Donald.

(What) is wrong with all of you people that have a problem with a little 3yr old with her brother and dad AT HOME because she doesn't have a shirt on?!

Another showed support for Donald's parenting style.

Love how you enjoy being with the kids... Good job, dad. 

A proud dad

We imagine Donald Trump Jr. isn't the least bit concerned with the negativity that often followed his social media posts.


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The dad enjoys sharing pictures of his beautiful children, and no matter what, it's pretty hard to fault that.

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The eldest Trump son and his wife, Vannessa, announced their separation on March 15, and this means they will be sharing custody of their five kids.

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