Royal Biographer Andrew Morton Collapses With Suspected Stroke Just Five Minutes Into A Speech

Date May 16, 2018 10:55

Famous writer and biographer, Andrew Morton, was recently rushed to the hospital after he suddenly collapsed in the middle of a speech.


Andrew Morton - royal biographer

The English journalist has published bestselling biographies of members of the royal family, including Diana, The Princess of Wales.


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He also wrote about other major celebrities and well-known figures like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, and Monica Lewinsky.

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His most recent work was published in April this year. It's a biography that details the life of the soon-to-be royal bride Meghan Markle, titled 'A Hollywood Princess.'

Sudden health crisis

The 65-year-old was recently promoting his book, 'Wallis in Love: The Untold True Passion of the Duchess of Windsor,' when he suddenly collapsed.

Daily Mail reported that Mr. Morton shocked the audience saying, 'I'm sorry I can't go on.'

An ambulance was immediately called, and he was taken to the hospital.


The Sun reported that that the author "forgot what he was saying, was sweating and started to sway."

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Following the unexpected incident, the Waterstones bookshop where Morton was supposed to give a talk later in the day shared a tweet canceling the event.

Get well wishes

Fans of the writer have been sharing their get well wishes since the story of his stroke broke. Many took to social media to wish Morton a quick recovery.