'She Took A Pencil Sharpener Apart To Get The Blade Out' Mom Blames '13 Reasons Why' For Her Daughter's Attempted Suicide

Date May 25, 2018

A mother is lashing out at the TV show '13 Reasons Why,' blaming it for inspiring her daughter to want to take her own life. 

'It's taking too long...'

The woman who spoke to Okeechobee News on the ground of anonymity said that the Netflix series has inspired her daughter's suicide attempt. She explained that her child had slit her wrists in the bathtub in the exact same way the fictional Hannah Baker did on the show. 

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According to the mother, the incident happened on Mother's Day, and it was a suicide pact that involved four other teenagers. The girl had sent a text message to two boys that read: 

It's taking too long… it's not like on 13 Reasons...

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As the teenage girl was trying to end her life, she was sending pictures to the boys on Snapchat. 

The horrified mom could not believe her daughter was being encouraged to end her own life by people on social media. 

The boy let our daughter send a video of herself. She took a pencil sharpener apart to get the blade out.

According to the mother, after her daughter sliced both arms, one of the boys called 911 when he saw the photos. She was taken to the emergency room and then a mental health facility. The mother is very angry and upset that a show that encouraged young boys and girls to do something like this was out there.

Netflix reacted

Upon hearing the story, Netflix, in a statement, expressed their sadness and was glad that someone was there to help the young girl. Sadly, this isn't the first time suicide attempts have been attributed to the show as '13 Reasons Why' gained popularity.


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About a year ago, two 15-year-old girls committed suicide after watching the series. The girls hung themselves in April after trying to deal with intense emotions.

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Netflix, at the time, offered their condolences and added that the show is helping bring to light certain difficult issues among parents, teenagers, schools, and mental health groups.

It's more than just the TV show

In reaction to the story, many took to social media to share their views. While they recognized that what happened with the girl was indeed sad, some of them do not think '13 Reasons Why' is to blame. 

One thing is pretty clear, this young girl needs some help to understand that suicide is never an option.

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