'I Just Thought I Was Stressed': TV Personality Maria Menounos Opens Up About Being Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor

Date May 17, 2018 15:07

For several months, Maria Menounos thought her constant exhaustion was just due to stress from work. However, it turned out to be something much more dangerous.


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The former E! News co-anchor said she began noticing some worrying symptoms in 2016. Incidentally, her mother had just been diagnosed with brain cancer at the time. 

Her symptoms

In a recent interview with TODAY, she shared:

For a long time, probably for two years before, I was exhausted and I didn’t know why.

People around her were saying it must be because she was working so hard. But things only continued to get more troubling. She described feeling like her body was "shutting down." 


Help me caption this 😝

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Menounos said she would often get terrible headaches and felt lightheaded frequently. Her vision was blurry, while her speech was slurred sometimes.

The diagnosis

She assumed all these were just from the stress of work and owing to taking care of her ailing mother. In February 2017, she went to the doctor but not because she was feeling fatigued.

I scheduled a doctor’s appointment because my ear was hurting.


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When the tests showed that there was nothing wrong with her ears, the doctor asked about some of her other symptoms. An MRI was performed, and it was discovered that Menounos had a tumor pressing on her trigeminal nerve, which controls facial sensation and muscles.


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On June 8, she underwent an 8-hour surgery to have the benign meningioma removed. Since then, she has been recovering well. She shared some of the lessons she has learned from the experience:

Don’t stop searching for the answers because if you know something is off, then something is off.

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Some other brain tumor symptoms

A woman named Jacqueline Penaluna shared her brain tumor symptoms and experience with CancerStories. Watch below.

The main lesson to learn from these women's stories is to listen to your body. The symptoms may pop up frequently or every once in a while. But if something feels wrong, it's worth bringing up with your doctor.

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