Mom Arrested For Leaving Her 4-Year-Old Daughter At Home Alone For The Night

Date September 25, 2018 12:45

There are moms out there who will move mountains for their children. Then there are others who couldn't care less. This story of a mother abandoning her little girl is quite heartbreaking.

'Party mom' arrested

A mother in Arizona was arrested this past weekend for allegedly leaving her little girl at home alone while she went out to party and have fun. According to Fox News, Alexandra Ciliento left home at about 11 pm on Saturday night. Her four-year-old daughter remained at home.

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The little girl managed to get out of the house sometime later and somehow made her way to a neighbor's house. 

AZ Central reported that the neighbor tried waiting for the mother to get back. However, after 45 minutes and no sign of Alexandra, they called the cops. The mom ended up coming back home at 8 am. 

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Alexandra confessed to the police that she did not try to get someone to babysit her child before leaving the apartment. The mom also had no idea that the child could open the locked door and leave the home.

It was reported that Alexandra would be charged with one count of child abuse. Meanwhile, the child is in the custody of her father. 

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Never leave your child at home alone

While there's no actual age limit at which a child can be left at home alone, it is illegal if leaving them on their own if it compromises their safety. In other words, if there's a possibility of the child to get injured if left unsupervised, the authorities will consider this breaking the law.

Children under the age of 12 are hardly ever matured enough to be at home alone and even when they are older (over 12 and under 16) they should definitely not be left unsupervised overnight.

No matter how you cut it though, babies, toddlers, and young children should not have to spend the night alone, as with the case of Alexandra.

We do hope her story serves as a lesson to other parents and they understand that it constitutes child abuse if the children are left alone all night, regardless of if you left them while they are asleep.

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