The World Called Him A 'Pig' For Shaving On A Train - Then He Revealed The Real Story

Date November 19, 2018

When it comes to social media, a lot of things are taken out of context. We see a short video or a picture and assume what the whole story is. But sometimes, we're wrong. 

It was not what it looked like

A couple of weeks ago, a video of a man shaving on a New Jersey train was shared online and it soon went viral. In the clip below, he was all lathered up, seemingly without a care in the world, then he spent the next few minutes giving himself a shave.

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Internet users were shocked after one commuter, Pete Bentivenga recorded the moment and shared it online. They could not believe that someone could do something so astonishing.

Speaking to, Pete revealed that in his 20 years of taking that particular line, this was one of the strangest things he had ever experienced. 

Many people took to social media to share their opinion of this man and most of the reactions were negative. Who can blame them? Just from seeing the video, it was easy to assume this was one very nasty person. 

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The true story

The man was later identified as Anthony Torres. In an interview with The Washington Post, it sure looked like being mocked across social media was one of the best things to ever happen to him.

In the weeks preceding his infamous train ride, Anthony slept in homeless shelters and under bridges. He struggled very hard to get by and was very scared out there on the streets. He finally reached one of his brothers and asked for help. 

The brother then gave Anthony some money to purchase a train ticket so he could go visit another brother. While on the train, Anthony realized that he must have looked very unkempt so he wanted to clean up a little to look presentable for those he was going to visit. This was what led him to shave on the train. 

Anthony was very embarrassed to see how he was being viewed by the world. However, he was inspired by those who defended him and he decided to speak up. Life changed almost immediately after that, especially when Jordan Uhl started a GoFundMe page that has now raised more than $41,000 within six days.

I feel so happy. I feel like a new man, 

Anthony said, as he confirmed that he also bagged loads of job interviews.

What a fantastic turnaround! Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson that sometimes, things are not always as they seem. Anthony may have been a laughing stock at one point, but now, he's laughing all the way to the bank.

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