'Such A Critical Time For Support!' Royal Fans Hail Prince William For Doing His Part To Help Prevent Suicides

Date June 21, 2018

Over the years, the Duke of Cambridge has been involved in a number of charity works. He has supported all kinds of organizations and has been one of the most influential voices when it comes to the fight for mental health in the UK. Now, Prince William is taking things even further.


According to the palace statement, the center was founded by Clare Milford Haven and Nick Wentworth-Stanley. The idea was born out of their need to help others following the death of their 21-year-old son.

The palace informed that this center will provide a safe and welcoming environment for men who often experience suicidal thoughts and need help getting through the fog.

In response to the announcement, James Place appreciated the Duke for visiting the center and also the royal's dedication to "raise awareness of mental health through the Heads Together campaign."

Praises for William

It's pretty clear from the comments following the Kensington Palace's Instagram post, that people consider this a worthy cause.

It was pointed out that while there are several support systems and safe spaces for troubled women, men need a little bit more help. One user, @Stormys05 who commented on the Palace's statement shared: 

thank you for bringing awareness to this cause. I lost my dad to suicide and know first hand that it’s not discussed enough.

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Another user, @myturn2cry07, shared how her own husband committed suicide at 58 and added:

Men need to know its ok to be vulnerable and to ask for help. It is not a weakness but a strength of character to ask for help.

Donation by the Kate Spade foundation

It has been revealed that Kate Spade New York will also be pitching in to help prevent suicides. The company plans to make a donation of up to $1 million to support mental health awareness as a tribute to its late founder.


We hope that as we come together to help one another, the mental health problems will fade and more people will be brave enough to seek help when they need it.

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